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Hypnotherapy_inner changes

Finding Balance in 
Body, Mind and Spirit

Hypnotherapy Helps With Many Issues

Reducing Stress & Anxiety

Supporting a Healthy Pregnancy and Postpartum

Improving Sleep Quality

Resolving and Transforming Past Trauma

Easing Depression

Resolving Negative Emotions

and Limiting Beliefs

Increasing Self-Love, Self-Worth and Self-Acceptance

Facilitating Positive Change

and Personal Growth

Replacing Limiting and Self-Defeating Patterns with Thoughtful and Effective New Behaviors

Mitigating Pandemic Fatigue

and Covid Trauma

As a Complement to Other

Holistic Therapies

and Much More!

What changes would you like to see in your life?

Let's talk about it!

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Anywhere in the World, via Zoom, Facetime or Over the Phone

You Experience Hypnosis Everyday

Hypnosis is safe. You experience it every day. When you are driving and miss your exit, laying on the couch on a Saturday afternoon, working on a project and the time just flies...

that's the Hypnotic State!

Tiffany King, CCHT
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

When someone is in the State of Hypnosis or The Healing State, we have direct access to the Subconscious Mind, where all of the thought patterns, habits, limiting beliefs and blocks and obstacles are. 


My job, as an Instruction-based Clinical Hypnotherapist, is to give the client instructions to release those blocks and obstacles, to remove negative associations and identities and to integrate positive thoughts, habits and new associations to create permanent change. We don't erase the memory, we eliminate the charge. An Instruction-based approach addresses the root cause.


We all have Inner Wisdom, that part of us that knows what is best for us. Through Hypnosis, we access and engage that Inner Wisdom, that wisest part of the self, to create positive change. 

My training, experience and strong belief is that Hypnotherapy is not a panacea, but it is a viable and powerful tool for change.

Recent Success Stories

Lynda R, CA

“I was experiencing PTSD from medical treatment and many personal losses that all happened within a few years.
The PTSD is gone, as well as the anxiety. Regular sessions, 1-2 per month, keeps the depression at bay. Hypnotherapy is a great way to release past traumas and release old habits that no longer serve us."

Kelly F, CA

"I’ve paved through my normal road blocks and made enormous amounts of progress that has directly impacted my daily life. That’s how my stress/ anxiety/depression is reduced! Literally after each session I am breaking through years of patterns and bad habits and somehow Hypnotherapy works!! If you've ever wondered or are ready for results, do it!"

Kim P, CA

“When I work with Tiffany, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am able to go to a deep level of relaxation where my mind is free of worry. It is the best feeling! She helps me release issues in a gentle way. Her gentle and open-hearted approach make me feel safe and supported.”

* results may vary person to person and are not guaranteed.


Hypnosis is not a substitute for psychological, psychiatric or medical treatment.

No guarantees as to the effectiveness of hypnosis for your issue can be made or implied.

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