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"In my journey, I was looking for a way to drive deeper into issues that I felt like I was just scratching the surface in traditional therapy. I didn't feel like I was moving forward. Frustrated.. I wanted to move out of the loop of stories, and into feeling the actual experiences that caused me to be stuck in the first place. Side note.. Once we can begin to feel, this is truly where change happens.

Granted I was newer to the area, and didn't have referals on my quest. But I was determined and trusted my intuition well enough. I found Tiffany on a google search. Once meeting her, I felt automatically that I was meant to be there, and she was the one to get me started. And I am grateful.

It really doesn't matter how you found the place for you to begin your transformation. It's just important that you must allow yourself to take the first step, and trust the process. 

Hypnotherapy does work, if you are willing to let go of preconceived ideas of what you think it may be. You may be amazed on where a new mindset can take you. Thank you Tiffany."

- Christine C.

"I started going to Tiffany when I was pregnant with my first and so naturally when she expanded her services, I had to try hypnotherapy. I was hit pretty hard with PPD and PPA after my second came along, so I went in to my first session with a desperate and admittedly apprehensive "can't hurt to try it" attitude. I was SHOCKED with how much better I feel. It is 3 months later. At first I envisioned it as a more guided meditation but it is so much more. It has helped me beyond compare to so many other options out there. I am sure my trust in her played a part too. If you need the help, trust in her. Trust the process.


Tristan M.

"The past few years have been very difficult for me, which has brought on anxiety, fear and depression. When I work with Tiffany, I feel like a weight has been lifted. I am able to go to a deep level of relaxation where my mind is free of worry. It is the best feeling! She helps me release issues in a gentle way through her knowledge of hypnotherapy, the subconscious mind, and the healing arts.

She is very natural and easy to work with. Her gentle and open-hearted approach makes me feel safe and supported. I would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone who is interested in hypnosis – whether they are experienced or new. You will be in excellent hands!"

Kim P.
Roseville, CA

“The challenges I was having is not being able to set healthy boundaries for myself, enjoying the things I used to do, feeling anxious and alone since my last child left for college “empty nest syndrome” and picking men that were not right for me. I used hypnotherapy to help me through this.


After the first 1-2 months and towards the end of my 12 sessions I found I was enjoying things I used to do such as gardening within the first 1-2 months and noticed I was setting healthy boundaries with people and even tried dating someone towards the end of my sessions and was able to break it off when I realized he wasn’t right for me.  Normally I would have allowed the person to treat me poorly and accept it and didn’t know how to set healthy boundaries for myself and honestly didn’t know what I needed or wanted from a relationship. This time I was able to stand strong, set boundaries and recognize immediately when things were not right and broke it off in a healthy way by talking to the person and explaining they were not the right fit. Normally I would get angry or upset or simply block the person without an explanation but this time it ended on good terms and I moved on feeling good about my decision. 


I have a better understanding of what I want for myself and what I deserve. I feel more confident in being able to identify when things are not right especially when it comes to dating. I also feel like I have more patience when it comes to dating and waiting for the right person rather than rushing into something for the sake of dating. I also feel like I can make better, healthy decisions for myself and am enjoying living alone for the first time since my last child left 2 years ago to college. I kept feeling like I couldn’t be alone and didn’t know what to do with my spare time. Now I have embraced living alone and realizing it’s a gift to have this time to work on myself and do the things I used to enjoy such as reading, working out, gardening and traveling. 


Tiffany is wonderful and so easy to work with.”



Registered Nurse

"For me its been transforming, energizing and has defied boundaries that have been set or perceived over time.
I’ve paved through my normal road blocks and made enormous amounts of progress that has directly impacted my daily life. That’s how my stress/ anxiety/depression is reduced!
Literally after each session I am breaking through years of patterns and bad habits and somehow Hypnotherapy Works!! If you’ve ever wondered or are ready for results, do it!!"

Kelly F.

Roseville, CA

"I wanted to let you know that without the hypnotherapy we did I would still be feeling at war with food. Negative thoughts ran through my monkey mind constantly, undermining my efforts. You shifted my thoughts. I'm no longer at war and having success releasing lbs. I know this new food program & shifts that have happened with ease is a direct result of the Hypnotherapy sessions I received from you. Shopping thoughts shifted from "I can't have anything on this aisle" to "there's nothing on this aisle for me". So I've been making better choices and it's been easy as my thinking is different. I even pre-shop restaurant menus before I go & when I'm not hungry so I know what I'm ordering before I get there. Thank you 🥰


Reiki Master-Teacher, Intuitive, Healer

"I highly recommend Tiffany King. I am dealing with shingles with the complication of neuropathy and it affected the nerve connected to my left arm causing the loss of it's use. I was in agony and nothing conventional medical care or even conventional alternative approaches helped. After 3 months of this, I got the idea to try hypnotherapy to get some control of the pain and finally get some sleep as well. It worked better than expected. Healing of the damaged nerve was greatly accelerated over 12 sessions and 6 weeks. I've regained a portion of my hand and arm use, the pain is less than a quarter of what it was and a lot of the time I am pain free now and ready for physical therapy to get the rest of my arm back. She even left a way for me to enter the trance state on my own with guided imagery to continue any healing help I might need in the future.

I knew hypnotherapy was a powerful tool for many kinds of healing, but not this. I highly recommend her for anyone else in a situation where they are dealing with great pain on any level."

- Jodi W.

"I was experiencing PTSD from medical treatment and many personal losses that all happened within a few years. This brought both depression and anxiety. In addition to emotional issues, I also experienced shoulder, neck and back pain.

The PTSD is gone as well as the anxiety. Regular sessions, 1-2 per month, keeps the depression at bay. My shoulder is like new again.

Hypnotherapy is a great way to release past traumas and release old habits that no longer serve us. Tiffany is unique in that she has many modalities to choose from. It's this combination of Reiki, Biofield Tuning (my favorite) and Massage, in addition to my Hypnotherapy sessions, that has greatly enhanced my full body and mind health."

Lynda R.

Professor Emeritus

"Before my Hypnotherapy sessions, I felt like something was blocking me from reaching my goals. I felt unmotivated to do the things I needed to do for my health and being the healer I wanted to be. After my first session I could feel a shift in my mindset. I had amazing energy and my inner voice was positive compared to being negative. I felt the shift in the way I looked at food and made better food choice’s. I also felt a shift in wanting to get my body moving and looked at exercise in a different way. I attribute this to the positive affirmations that were used. 

I feel amazing. My friends and family noticed that I’m happier and have more energy. I feel like better version of myself and no longer feel the blockage that I did. While I did not uncover the reason of the blockage, I don’t believe it was meant for me to know. I just needed a deeper level to release it. 

I just want to thank you so much. You truly helped me release and I just feel so much better. My mindset has completely changed on how I look at things. I’m grateful for the sessions I had with you." 


Elk Grove, CA

"I was feeling unhealthy, had severe sugar cravings that were not being curbed by one session of eating the item I was craving. So overeating became satisfaction. Viewing myself as fat, round and probably slightly depressed.

After a few sessions, I was not labeling my mirror fashion checks as fat or round, just comfortable or not. I began enjoying myself in social situations and have not had the mind controlling thoughts of sugar. I simply eat it and enjoy and move on. Now to continue to choices of food."

Michelle F.

Rocklin, CA

"I enjoyed the Biofield Tuning session with Tiffany very much. Was very relaxing yet enlightening. As she worked through my aura energy field, the areas she found out of tune collated with specific life experiences that I thought I had healed, forgiven and let go of. But the energy showed us otherwise. After each session I've felt lighter, relaxed, and whole. Family and friends have noticed and asked what I've changed in my life. "This is the most relaxed I've seen you in quite a while." Looking forward to continuing the Biofield Tuning sessions and balancing more memories in my aura."


S. Hope 

Antelope, CA

"I had Reiki done with Tiffany for the first time and it was amazing! I was anxious going in and she made sure to explain everything thoroughly. It was a pleasure working with her and I will for sure be back (and will for sure recommend)"

Chelsea R.

"I just took my blood pressure measurement at 6:15pm & it was 112/59 !!!  OMG!!!  It’s NEVER been that low. Yesterday in the afternoon it was 180/84!  The session we had today was so awesome.  I completely relaxed.  My mind was racing when I came in & I was so stressed.  After our Hypnotherapy session I felt like I was a different person…so relaxed & a calm mind.  It was so powerful.  It gave me hope about this blood pressure situation where I can’t seem to control it when I go into a medical situation.  This kind of proves it isn’t just a body thing…it’s a mind thing.  I’m so excited!  Thank you dear Tiffany!!"


Peggy S.

Antelope, CA

Artist, Teacher

*Results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

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