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Thriving Through Intentions

Updated: May 11

Wheel of Intentions

Tips for Successful Intention Setting

Setting intentions is an empowering practice that allows us to focus our energy and attentiontt on what truly matters to us. By clarifying our desires and goals, we can align our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the direction we want our lives to take. Whether big or small, intentions serve as beacons of motivation and inspiration, guiding us through the journey of personal and collective growth.

The Wheel of Intentions encompasses various dimensions of our lives. By nurturing each segment of the wheel, we can create a balanced and harmonious life. From self-care and career aspirations to creativity, relationships, and spirituality, the Wheel of Intentions acts as a guide for setting meaningful goals.

Here are some tips to guide you through the process of setting your own monthly or yearly intentions.

Reflect on the Past Year:

Take some time to reflect on the past year and acknowlede your accomplishments, challenges, and areas where you experienced growth. Consider what you have learned and how those experiences have shaped your aspirations for the future.

Monthly Reflection and Goal-Setting:

At the beginning of each month, take time to reflect on the different segments of the Wheel of Intentions. Consider how each area is currently manifesting in your life and identify areas for growth and focus.

Create Monthly Themes:

Align each month with a specific segment of the Wheel of Intentions. For example, one month could be focused on self-care, while another month could emphasize creativity or community. Tailor your goals and activities to align with the monthly theme.

Write Down Your Intentions: Putting your intentions into writing can make them feel more tangible and real. Consider creating a list of intentions for the month, or write a letter to yourself outlining your aspirations and the steps you plan to take to achieve them. Being creative with your intentions can be fun and engaging.


Re-frame Your Resolutions:

Try re-framing your resolutions into intentions: instead of resolving to "lose 20 pounds," set an intention to "nourish my body with healthy choices and regular exercise."

The Power of Choice:

The things we want to achieve or change in our lives become easier when we add that magic word: choice

Instead of “I should go to the gym and eat healthier in 2024,” we can say “I’m choosing to eat more greens and workout three days a week. And I’m choosing to feel great about it.”

Instead of, “I should really cut back on caffeine,” we can say, “I’m choosing to drink water when I wake up and savor my coffee later with my breakfast.”

Instead of “the world is so messed up, there is nothing I can do about it,” we can say “I’m choosing to find one person today whose life I can positively impact in a small way.”

When you frame something as a choice rather than something you should do, resistance suddenly melts away. Why? Because the very idea of “choice” signals to your mind that you have options, and that you are making a choice to do something that is desirable and beneficial, not a punishment or obligation.

Create a Vision Board:

Visual representations of your intentions can be powerful motivators. Consider creating a vision board with images and words that represent your goals and aspirations. Display it in a prominent place as a daily reminder of what you are working towards.

Seek Inspiration:

Draw inspiration from books, podcasts, or talks by thought leaders in areas that are important to you. Exposing yourself to new ideas and perspectives can help you refine your intentions and expand your vision for the year.

Monthly Personal Growth Challenges:

Dedicate each month to a specific personal growth challenge, such as overcoming a fear, developing a new habit, or stepping out of your comfort zone to align with the personal growth segment of the Wheel of Intentions.

Monthly Self-Care Challenges:

Dedicate each month to a specific self-care challenge aligned with the segment of the Wheel of Intentions you are focusing on. For example, one month could emphasize physical self-care, while another could focus on emotional well-being.

Reflect and Renew:

At the end of each month, take time to reflect on your accomplishments and challenges, and renew your intentions for the upcoming month. Consider what worked well and what adjustments you can make to further align with your intentions.

By integrating the Wheel of Intentions into your monthly or yearly intention-setting practice, you can cultivate a well-rounded approach to personal growth and fulfillment, ensuring that all areas of your life receive attention and nurturing throughout the year.

Remember, it's your journey, embrace it with kindness and patience.


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