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😊 Happiness Journal

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Do you keep a Happiness Journal? 📖✍️

Practicing happiness and gratitude is a wonderful way to help us become more present. It also helps us focus on and remember what is good in our lives and what brings us joy. 🥰

Why is it important? In life, and when we are on our healing path, we may get caught in a storm 🌪 and lose our way. At times like this a Happiness Journal can play a major part in helping us maintain our calm and ride it out.

A Happiness Journal helps us to shift our perspective, to focus on what we love, what makes us feel good, what inspires us and what brings us peace. All in all making us feel better and helping bring about faster positive change within us.

What should I write about in my journal? 

- Happy memories

- Quotes that inspire you

- Places you’ve been 

- People you love

- Self-love Affirmations

- Reasons for gratitude

- Anything in your heart that brings you joy 😊

There are no rules when you create your Happiness Journal. You can write out your thoughts 💭, make a list 📝 or doodle your joyful moments. Just grab a pen ✍️ and write all of the good things you can remember. 

You may not be able to remember many at first, but the more you write, the more you’ll remember. 🧠

It may seem overwhelming to write in it every day, so take a smaller step.. keep it nearby and write in it once a week, or whenever a happy memory pops up. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Try using the Journal Prompts or make a list of your own. Embellish with colored gel pens, photos, doodles… have fun with it! 

I invite you to grab a cup of tea, a notebook and your favorite pen, find a cozy spot and give it a try! ☕️


Here are a few prompts to get you started…. 

✒️ What is one of your favorite trips you’ve taken? Why was it a favorite? 

✒️ Where is your happy place? (use all your senses to describe it)

✒️ 3 things I am grateful for today… 

✒️ Write out the lyrics to one of your favorite feel-good songs 

✒️ What made you smile today?  :)

✒️ Who can you count on whenever you need someone to talk to and why?

✒️ What helps you stay focused and motivated when you feel discouraged?

✒️ When do you feel most content and peaceful?

✒️ What did you do today that made you feel good? 

✒️ Describe your favorite sensation… is it a feeling? A sound? A texture?

✒️ What’s your main love language? What makes you feel most loved?

✒️ Write a letter to someone who makes you feel safe, supported and seen 💗

✒️ Write about a simple pleasure that you’re thankful for. 

✒️ What are 10 things that always make you feel better, no matter what?

✒️ What’s one positive affirmation you can focus on today?

✒️ Make a list of your favorite ways to practice self-care (ie: meditating, listening to music, lighting a scented candle, taking a walk in nature, skincare…)

✒️ What are your best/favorite qualities? What do your friends like about you?

✒️ When someone says something nice to you, or about you, accept it – and then write it in your happiness journal!

✒️ What’s your favorite restaurant or coffee house, and what about it makes it so unique? ☕️

And if you want more... click here!

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