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Bilateral Stimulation

When you start to experience anxiety or any strong emotion, a certain aspect of your brain is over-stimulated, which leads to an imbalance in activity between the two hemispheres of your brain.

This exercise stimulates both hemispheres to balance out the electrical activity across the brain and calm it down. It’s amazingly simple and highly effective.

Find an object such as a ball, a pen or a water bottle that you can easily pass from hand to hand.

Start passing the object from hand to hand across the front of your body, swinging your hands out to each side and then passing the object again at about the mid-point of your body.

Continue to do this for about a minute and you will notice the anxiety has reduced considerably.

Repeat the process until the level of anxiety has reduced to a level that you are comfortable with or has disappeared.

Remember you can use this technique whenever you start to feel anxiety rising, And the great thing is that you can practice this anywhere.

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