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Biofield Tuning

Sound Therapy for Repatterning the Human Biofield,

Healing the Emotions, and Reducing Pain in the Body 

Biofield Tuning is a targeted sound therapy that uses tuning forks on and around your body to help relieve mental, emotional and physical stress and help to restore balance in the electromagnetic system of the body. We are electric beings as the energy that powers our brain and heart is through electric impulses. Anything that is electrical produces a magnetic field, which is measurable and has been studied in detail by the HeartMath Institute. They have measured the field of the brain and heart up to several feet away using a SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device).

Tuning forks produce coherent wave forms that are able to locate dissonance in the field around the body. The sound will resonate with, and then begin to entrain the area of dissonance bringing about harmony which will bring the body and biofield back to homeostasis. Much like if you have a guitar that is in tune and mine is out of tune, if you keep playing an ‘A’ eventually I can tune my guitar to match the ‘A’ chord.

This wave-based medicine allows the body's nervous system to move away from a sympathetic 'fight or flight' response to relax into a parasympathetic 'rest and digest' response. Biofield Tuning is a way to use sound medicinally.

The biofield is the blueprint that the body follows and it stores our memories and circumstances in standing waves. Situations that cause an emotional response are recorded in these standing waves around the body as they cause a distortion in the electromagnetic (EM) field around you. A disturbance in the force if you will ;)

By introducing coherent input into the biofield we are able to recalibrate the body and bring about a noticable state change, simply by treating vibration with vibration.  

Biofield Tuning will bring you back to your unique, optimal frequency. You'll feel refreshed, energized, balanced, grounded and connected.  


"I have come to believe that the memories of our life experience are recorded not in the brain, but rather in a sort of magnetic fashion in the bioplasmic bubble of our biofield and that this is compartmentalized and follows a timeline."

– Eileen McKusick

Founder & Developer

What is a Biofield Tuning session like?

During a Biofield Tuning session, you remain fully clothed on a massage table while audible tuning forks are activated in the space surrounding your body and weighted tuning forks are used on the body. The tuning forks detect and resolve places of resistance or turbulence located in your energy field. These spots are often related to traumatic or difficult life experiences from an earlier period. You may experience sensations including warmth, tingling and deep relaxation.

The experience of receiving a Biofield Tuning treatment is that our energies become centered, balanced and integrated and the nervous system resets into a more relaxed place.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Biofield Tuning can assist with:

Insomnia | The effects of stress | Low energy | Obsessive thinking | Anxiety Depression | Food and body issues | The effects of childhood trauma | Resolving pain | Releasing subconscious blocks | Emotional, physical or psychological “stuckness”


"I enjoyed the Biofield Tuning session with Tiffany very much. Was very relaxing yet enlightening. As she worked through my aura energy field, the areas she found out of tune collated with specific life experiences that I thought I had healed, forgiven and let go of. But the energy showed us otherwise. After each session I've felt lighter, relaxed, and whole. Family and friends have noticed and asked what I've changed in my life. "This is the most relaxed I've seen you in quite a while." Looking forward to continuing the Biofield Tuning sessions and balancing more memories in my aura."

S. Hope

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