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EFT Tapping for Sleep

Updated: Apr 13

Affirmation: I sleep soundly and deeply and wake up refreshed and ready for my day

Tapping on specific points on the body can help release physical and emotional tension and promote relaxation.

Start by creating a safe and tranquil environment for yourself, making sure you are all ready to drift off into sleep. Make any adjustments you need to make for comfort. 

Now that you’ve prepared your surroundings and settled in for the night, begin by welcoming a sense of relaxation and peace into your mind and body. 

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself and bring awareness to your body and mind. And, using three fingertips, begin by gently tapping the Side of Hand (SH) point as you repeat the following statements out loud:

EFT Tapping Point Side of Hand

”I choose to have a really good night's sleep, and I deeply love and accept myself."

“I choose to have a really restful night's sleep. I'm letting go of my day now, and I choose to deeply love and honor myself."

“I am choosing to sleep soundly and deeply and wake up refreshed and ready for an amazing day tomorrow, and I choose to deeply love and accept myself."

Take a deep, relaxed inhale and exhale. Using 2 fingertips, gently tap each point as long as it takes to say the following reminder phrases…

EFT Tapping Points

Eyebrow: "I choose to have a really good night's sleep."

Side of Eye: “I'm allowing my body to fully relax."

Under Eye: “I’m allowing my mind to relax."

Under Nose: "I'm letting go of all the stress and tension from today."

Chin: “I choose to have a really good night's sleep."

Collarbone: "I'm allowing every muscle in my body to relax now."

Under Arm: "From the top of my head..."

Top of Head: "Down to my shoulders..."

EB: "I'm relaxing my chest."

SE: "I'm relaxing my stomach muscles now."

UE: "With each breath, my body relaxes more and more."

UN: "I'm relaxing my hips."

CH: "I'm relaxing my thighs."

CB: "I'm relaxing my knees."

UA: "And I'm relaxing all the way down to my toes."

TH: "It’s safe to let myself sleep”

EB: "As I tap and relax, I'm allowing my body to begin the healing process..."

SE: "that will continue as I sleep."

UE: “I'm allowing my body to heal even more as I sleep."

UN: "I'm allowing all the cells in my body to relax now."

CH: "I'm allowing all the organs...

CB: "every single part of my body..."

UA: "to relax more and more"

TH: "Allowing myself to feel safe and relaxed now”

EB: "Getting sleepier and sleepier."

SE: "I'm really looking forward to a great night's sleep."

UE: "I'm allowing the sleep to be really deep."

UN: "And to be really restful."

CH: "And if I dream tonight..."

CB: "I'm allowing it to be really pleasant."

UA: "And maybe even insightful too."

TH: "I choose to have a really good night's sleep."

EB: "Letting go of the day now."

SE: "Letting go of anything that didn't go my way."

UE: "Because I know tomorrow is another opportunity..."

UN: "to have a great day."

CH: "And I'm setting the intention now..."

CB: "that tomorrow's going to be even better than today."

UA: "But for now, I choose to relax."

TH: "And have a really good night's sleep."

Take a deep breath in... and release it. Notice how you're feeling. Keep tapping until you feel calm and ready to sleep. You can repeat the same phrases, or substitute your own.

To maximize the effectiveness of EFT for better sleep, it’s beneficial to combine it with other sleep hygiene practices, including: establishing a consistent sleep schedule, creating a soothing bedtime routine, optimizing your sleep environment, and avoiding stimulating activities or substances close to bedtime.

By integrating EFT with these practices, you can enhance the overall quality of your sleep.

Sweet dreams 😴🐑🐑🐑

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