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Virtual Hypnotherapy

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

When you need to stay at home 🏡, have time constraints ⏰, it's not convenient to travel 🚙, the good news is hypnotherapy can be provided online 💻. We still meet one-on-one via Zoom, FaceTime or even on the phone ☎️ . It's convenient, easy to access and just as effective as sessions face to face. 😊👍 All you need is a computer or phone and wifi and a quiet, comfy, private spot to lay down or recline where you won’t be disturbed.

Is online hypnotherapy really as effective as face to face hypnotherapy? 🤔

Absolutely! Online or Virtual hypnotherapy is just as effective. There is no difference.

Some people feel even more relaxed 🧘🏻 and comfortable 🛋 having sessions from their own home or office so they can rest or relax afterwards. This just adds to the positive outcome as we work together. 👏

✨ Consultations are always free ✨

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