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Backward Spin Technique

Updated: 2 days ago

“If you can point to where you feel something, you can change it”

-Dr. David Snyder

Use this technique to interrupt negative thought patterns, emotions, anxiety or fear of any kind.

All emotions can be felt in the physical body. Think about it - how else do you know you feel scared, excited, or even joyful? You probably recognize the emotion because you can physically feel it!

Once you’ve located where you’re feeling that unwanted feeling or emotion in your body, notice that you can become aware of the movement inside your body, typically a spin 🌀.

Notice which way that movement is spinning - it may be front to back or counter-clockwise - however you feel it is just right for you. (if it's difficult to "feel" the emotion, just guess or pretend - it works!)

Now imagine reaching into your body and taking the spinning emotion right out in front of you. Use your hands to do this, spinning your hands in the same direction, mimicking the movement.

Then, reverse the direction of the spin, using your hands to do this in front of your body also. The science-y part: this will disrupt the way your mind and body have been recording that feeling. Use your intuition here, maybe you need to speed up the spin, or slow it down.

Now for the really cool part! Bring that spin back inside your body and LAUGH. Yep, that may sound silly. But laugh! 🤣😂😆

Check in with yourself, when you look at the trigger, you’ll notice it feels different.

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