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Tap and Breathe

The EFT tap and breathe technique is often used to address a wide range of emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety, phobias, and past traumas.

Take a moment to connect with your body and the breath moving in your body. Notice what is going on with your breath. Take a moment to notice any anxiety in your body or mind. Rate it on a scale from 0 - 10, 0 being none at all, 10 being the most intense. 

Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your belly. Start breathing from your belly and use your inhale to press into the hand on your belly. 

Take a deep breath, in through your nose, filling your lungs and down into your belly and try holding for a second or two. Then gently exhale through your mouth. 

Each time you exhale, allow your shoulders to drop, settle into your body. 

Tap gently on the side of your hand (karate chop point), and take a deep breath in, hold it for a second, and release through your mouth. 

Tap through each of the points, repeating the cycle of breath, hold, release:

EB: Eyebrow, between the bridge of the nose and the inner corner of the eyebrow

SE: Side of the Eye, on the bone at the outer end of the eyebrow (not on the temple)

UE: Under Eye, on the bone directly under the eye

UN: Under Nose, right on the “mustache”

CH: Chin, in the space under the lower lip and the chin

CB: Collarbone, right below the collarbone, to the outside of the sternum (where the knot of a tie would be)

UA: Under Arm, about 4 inches below the armpit, on the bra band

TH: Top of the Head, right on the crown of the head.

Hold your wrist, inhale and think of a place where you feel relaxed and peaceful. Exhale and say out loud “Peace”. 

Take a moment to check in with your body and your breath. Does it feel easier to take deeper breaths? Is your mind feeling calmer? Do you feel more ease and lightness in your body? 

Rate your feelings again from 0 - 10. 

Repeat the round of Tapping until your number comes down to a 2 or 3. 

On subsequent rounds of Tapping, think or say “it’s ok to let it go”, “it’s ok to release and let it go”, “it’s safe to let it go”

Finish each round holding the wrist point, inhaling, imagining your peaceful place, exhaling and saying “Peace”. 

Practicing EFT regularly and consistently can help improve emotional well-being and promote a sense of balance.

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